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Vehicle Storage Solutions

Do you own a boat? Car? Bike? Quad? Jetski?
Are you traveling and need somewhere to keep your vehicle while being away in a safe and secure facility?
Need extra parking space?

Our facilities work best for you. Whether it's a bike, jetski, quad, boat or car, we have the space for it. Our vehicle storage facilities will best suit your needs. Get in touch with one of our vehicle storage consultants to help you with your inquiry.

The Best Storage Space for Your Car in Beirut

Finding a reliable storage space for your classic car can be a daunting task because you definitely will requirea dependable, truthful, and responsible storage company that knows your needs and is able to take care of your car the way you handle.

There are many vehicle storage services & solutions in Beirut, Lebanon but when you are looking for the best one, you will find that we, The Box, are the best in this line. We are expert in providing the best facilities for vehicle storage in Beirut for all types of vehicles be it is a bike, boat, heavy vehicles, or all types of cars.

Things that we take care before storing your car:

  1. We ensure that the fuel tank of the car is up to the maximum level along with fuel stabilizer mentioned in the manufacturer’s catalogue. This is important because otherwise there are chances of the fuel tank getting rusty if not filled up to the mentioned level. The role of the stabilizer is to save the fuel from getting hardening.
  2. We also ensure that oil is freshly changed so that the engine of your beautiful car does not get untimely rusting. If you want to store your car for a long period, we will see to it that cylinders and spark plugs are well lubricated.
  3. We take extra steps to keep the car detailed and cleaned at our facility for vehicle storage in Beirut. Although it is an expected step from the point of view of the owner, we go extra miles to save your car from dust which, if not taken care, can cause damage to the interior of the car. It will also keep the pests or unwanted odour at bay.
  4. As all of us know well that the tyres of the cars are an expensive part. Before taking your car for storage, we, The Box, see to it that the tyres are filled according to the PSI standards. By jacking the car up, we save the tyres from getting flat. We take the best precautions in protecting the tyres from ground rot as well.
  5. The storage location provided by us will be clean, dry and dark so that your car is not exposed to any type of elements. We also can provide you the facility to store your car battery separately in a dark and dry space. An attached garage with your home is also not a safe place to store your car because then it will be exposed to the outer elements continuously.

At The Box, you will get the best vehicle storage services & solutions in Beirut, Lebanon that you require to store your car and that too at very reasonable rates. In order to store your car properly in pristine environment, you always can contact us and believe it, we will not disappoint you. We will take care of your car in every possible way and you also will feel that your investment has not gone waste


  • Regular ignition intervals
  • Car covers keeping away dust
  • Customized solutions just for you
  • AAA pick up
  • Drivers to drive the vehicle on behalf of you

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