Safe, secure and comprehensive is how we describe our storage facilities in Beirut, Lebanon. With our focus on the customer, our operations outlook relies heavily on providing a storage facility in the LEBANON that delivers comprehensive removal and storage solutions.

We offer a variety of services and facilities which have been designed keeping the customer in mind. This is why we are able to cater to them in the best way possible. Our customers like the added benefits provided by our storage facility in Beirut; like safe packaging, secure transportation and insurance coverage options. Moreover, our polite and friendly team is always available to help our customers when needed.

We at The Box also learn from our customers and always advice them to explain to us how they would like to get the job done, before our team takes over. This provides a learning experience and helps us gain more information whilst providing better services. This is how we retain customer loyalty and assure quality in our operations.

What we provide

The Box’s storage facilities in Beirut, Lebanon are strategically located in convenient locations that have provisions for parking and easy access. The facilities we provide to our clients are unique and a class apart. From the unsurpassed security, to the latest in safety we always provide the best so that our customers can benefit more from us.


We, at The Box provide only the best which is why our facilities have the latest in security systems, including infra-red cameras, CCTV-surveillance and even magnetic access cards for customers providing a comprehensive safety net for our customer’s goods. The updated visitor logs and on-ground security ensure that our storage facility in Beirut is rock solid when it comes to security.


For the best Beirut storage company only the latest in fire precautions will do. To this effect, The Box uses a fire detection and sprinkler system throughout the storage facility, one approved by the local civil defense department. Additionally, we only store commodities deemed appropriate and safe for our storage facility in LEBANON and our customers. This ensures the safety of all the goods in our facilities and gives our customers complete peace of mind.

Air Conditioned Storage Facilities

Climate-controlled air-conditioned storage facilities help in keeping out the moisture which prevents documents and other personal possessions and seasonal objects from getting damaged due to Beirut’s Mediterranean climate.

The Box Shop

Besides providing Beirut moving services to residents of LEBANON, The Box also offers packaging materials like bubble wrap, tape dispensers and storage boxes. You could even educate us on your storage and packaging preferences so that we can tailor our services to suit your needs for house removal in LEBANON.

Value Added Services

The Box unlike other moving and storage services in Lebanon, cares about it customers which is why they offer better accessibility options by providing their customers with trucks and trolleys within their facilities. Air and ocean freight transportation services as well as workers for house removal in Beirut can be availed of with our assistance.

Third Party Insurance

We, at The Box with the help of our partners provide customers with more, giving them third party insurance coverage for their goods. Having such options shows how much we care and how far we will go to achieve complete customer satisfaction.