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Boat storage facility

Finding a safe and secure spot to dock a boat between trips is a top worry among boat owners.

BeinNot anymore!

The most popular boat storage facility in Beirut brings you all the space you’ll ever need. Go on, clear out the garage, free up the parking spot & reclaim your recreational space. All this while you rest easy knowing that your precious possession is safe & secure, being stored in ideal surroundings.  

From indoor, climate controlled sheds for small boat storage , to open lots for storing the big ones, if you’ve got the boat, then we’ve got the storage spot for you.  

Brought to you by the experts in boat storage, Beirut.

5 Boat Storage Tips You Need To Know

The real fun of summer exists with boating only. You can spend time with your family and friends and enjoy the hotness as well. But as soon as summer comes to an end, your boats need to be protected from the harsh effect of winter. And what you need to do for this is go for boat storage in Beirut. But before finding a boat self in Lebanon you need to take proper care of your boat. Here are some tips you must follow to prepare your boat for winter protection.

Take the boat on the water for last time

Outdoor boat storage in Lebanon will end your boat fun and therefore, you might love to have fun for one more time. Get your boat on the water for one last time in the season and check if there is something that needs to be fixed. The last time must not be only about fun, it should be about finding an issue with the boat. You need to do necessary repairs before placing in storage because the cold weather can make small problems bigger.

Clean your boat nicely

This one is an essential point. There is no benefit in going for boat storage in Beirut before cleaning the boat. Remove the bilge drain plug of your boat and give a nice scrubbing treatment to the decks and hull. You will find nasty punk buildups on the boat and now you need to remove them as much as you can. Clean everything and open peacocks and drain them. Clean the interior and locks of the refrigerator. Take a move around and in the boat and check if anything else could be cleaned.

Dry the boat

Once the boat is cleaned completely, let it dry. Raise the bow and let the water drain out of the boat. Even after draining water let the boat evaporate the moisture. Place mildew control bags in all the necessary places and you are done.


  • Remove old oil from the boat, clean and fill fresh oil to prevent corrosion.
  • Dilute new antifreeze to proper specification of your vessel and add it to the boat.
  • Either loosen the belts or remove them completely.
  • Make sure steering and other control parts are moving perfectly. Use grease to fix if there is any problem with joints.
  • Don't forget to fill the gas tank before putting the boat in storage. It will prevent the tank from collecting condensation which can lead to corrosion.

Wax and cover the boat

Before placing your craft in boat self in Lebanon, cover the boat with wax. A nice wax job will not only make it look good but it will prevent rusting and corrosion too. Cover the boat to prevent dust and grime and the boat is ready to be stored.

The Box has one of the best facilities for outdoor boat storage in Lebanon. Your boat will remain in good condition till next summer if you follow these tips and take proper storage services.

Beirut Moving & Storage Advantages

  • Affordable storage rates
  • Order Fulfillment within Beirut and International shipments
  • Customs Clearance
  • Affordable storage rates
  • Order Fulfillment within Beirut and International shipments
  • Customs Clearance

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