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Giving you all that you need for bike storage

Right now are you looking for a secure space where you can keep your bike? Do you want to make sure that your valuable wheels are not exposed to those harsh conditions outside? In that case, you could not possibly go wrong with our bike storage solution. As such Beirut and other cities in Lebanon are full of good spaces where you can park your cars without any worry whatsoever. However, if you are looking for the best then obviously it has got to be us and no one else. Yes, it is at Beirut Moving and Storage that you are going to find all you need in terms of your storage requirements.

You can be sure that we adhere to the best standards out there and it does not really get any better than us.

Climate controlled facilities

There is no doubt about the fact that we are the best providers of bike storage rack in Beirut services and there are some good reasons for the same. First among them is the fact that we provide a lot of facilities. Among the many facilities that we provide is climate control in our garages. This means that your cars, which you obviously value so much, stay in great condition and do not feel a thing even as the weather outside gets worse.

Apart from these we also offer our customers the choice of car covers. This is in case you happen to choose one of our outdoor parking spots that are a lot economical than the indoor facilities.

Surely a leading name

It is all these factors that have made us one of the leading names in the context of motorcycle storage solutions in the capital city of Lebanon as well as rest of the country in general. We offer AAA pickup services, and our monthly leasing options are highly convenient as well.

However, with these, you are only scratching the surface when it comes to the facilities that we offer. If you want to we can get your car started at definite intervals and we would also provide you drivers for hire just so that your car can be taken on a spin every now and then. All these would make sure that your prized asset is operational even when it has been stored.

The other facilities on offer

As has been said already, the facilities that we offer do not end here. We are the name to be reckoned with when it comes to secure bike storage in Lebanon.

Apart from all the facilities that have been mentioned above, you – our beloved and valued customers – can book your slots online if you wish to. We provide high-security coverage throughout the whole facility where these cars are being stored and this is why you need not worry at all regarding how safe they would be. Our storage facility remains open at all times – 24 hours and on all the 7 days a week. This is the reason why if you are looking for the finest car storage service provider in Lebanon there is no need to look past us - Beirut Moving and Storage.

Beirut Moving & Storage Advantages

  • Affordable car garage storage rates
  • Regular Ignition Intervals
  • Total Security with CCTV Logs
  • Car Covers for outdoor parking spots
  • AAA Pickup service
  • Monthly Lease Option
  • Drivers for hire, to keep car running
  • Open 24 Hours, 7-Days a Week
  • Online Payment Facility
  • Climate Controlled Facilities

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